Feature Rich Wiki for Microsoft Teams

Build a knowledge base for your company, easily find and retrieve information without leaving Microsoft Teams

We use Perfect Wiki as online and print available information source option for our employees. There are many times when a printed version is necessary.👩 Andrea Wells, one of Perfect Wiki early users

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How Perfect Wiki differs from built in wiki?

🔎 Search through the whole wiki content instantly
🚚 Copy wiki pages between tabs
🖨️ Print or export to PDF any page or section. Sample PDF
Not being able to search Teams built in Wikis disqualifies its use case for storing and sharing knowledge. Fortunately we found Perfect Wiki!👦 Mark Meyer, one of Perfect Wiki early users


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The number of users is calculated per active users, not the number of potential users in the organization.

Users with editing permissions330100
Read-only users301001000
Export to PDF/MarkdownYesYesYes
Copy pages between channels/tabsYesYesYes
Full-text searchYesYesYes

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I export my content?

If you do decide you want to export your Perfect Wiki content, you can do so at any time via the app setting in PDF or Markdown format. Also you can print any page right from the Microsoft Teams client.

Can I move or copy a Perfect Wiki page to a different channel?

Perfect Wiki has a feature to move any of its pages to a different channel inside Microsoft Teams.

Can I lock the Perfect Wiki page from being edited?

Yes, Perfect Wiki allows you to give a full access to only a couple of people, with the rest having view only. This option appears once you bought a subscription.

How does Perfect Wiki integrate with Microsoft Teams? Does it replace the Teams wiki or just add a search function?

Perfect Wiki is a feature rich replacement for the built-in Microsoft Teams Wiki. It's fully integrated into Microsoft Teams and works natively. You can easily import all the pages from the built in wiki. Unfortunately, Microsoft didn't allow 3-rd parties to add full-text search into their wiki.

I am a corporate user, so I do not know if my IT or compliance departments would allow me to add Perfect Wiki

We can help you with this! Perfect Wiki is the only one wiki for Teams with full-text search and export capabilities. It's hosted on Google Cloud platform and encrypts all the stored data, furthermore, we have applied for a government certification. If your IT or compliance department has any other questions you can send them to ilia@ipirozhenko.com