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Simple, usage-based pricing

14-day free trial. No credit card required.
$3.99/active user/month
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Add Perfect Wiki to Microsoft Teams

You will be redirected to Microsoft Teams App Store to add Perfect Wiki tab to your team. No registration needed. No credit card needed. 14-day free trial.

What's included?


  • Unlimited number of wiki pages
  • Instant full-text search
  • Paste or import files from Microsoft Word
  • Import from Microsoft Teams built-in Wiki
  • Import from Markdown, HTML or text files
  • Export wiki pages to PDF/HTML
  • Print wiki pages
  • Copy wiki pages between channels
  • Order and organize wiki pages in hierarchies
  • Page mentions
  • Suggest edits or add comments to wiki pages
  • YouTube/Spotify/Vimeo embeddings
  • Mobile & Desktop Web Apps

admin & security

  • User roles to lock wiki pages from being edited
  • Automatic Every Day Backups
  • Revisions history for each page
  • Access to all upcoming updates


  • Live Video Support Session
  • Email Support

Common questions

What is active user?

A user is anyone who view or edit any of Perfect Wiki page, including team members with read-only rights. A user is an active user if he/she has been on Perfect Wiki at least once during the last 30-days. You pay only for active users in the last 30-days. To clarify, if your team has 15 members and only 5 of them has been on Perfect Wiki for the last 30 days you will be charged only for these 5 active users.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes, if you are a large team or business with more than 100 active users, contact us and we’ll help you find a solution that suits your business needs.

Does trial mode has any limitations?

There is only one difference, in trial mode, you can't assign roles to users. It's done due to security reasons. Everything else is the same.

What if I'll go over the limit of active users?

Nothing will be charged directly. If you go over the limit of active users for 2 months in a row, we'll alert you by email.

What happens when my trial expires?

After your free trial has ended, your access to Perfect Wiki will be locked. Your trial data will be stored for 90 days. You can export all your data back or you can purchase the subscription and continue where you left off. If 14 days is not long enough for you, contact us to extend your trial.

How secure is Perfect Wiki?

All user content is stored within US and EU regions of Microsoft Azure. All data is encrypted in transit using TLS 1.2+ with perfect forward secrecy. Servers holding user data will use full disk, industry-standard AES 256 encryption.

Quotes from our customers say it better than we do

and 5-star rating on Microsoft AppSource

“We use Perfect Wiki as online and print available information source option for our employees. There are many times when a printed version is necessary”

👩  Andrea Wells
Business Analyst, The Greenbrier Companies

“Very happy about how it works and how easily we can now avoid people from unintentionally edit wikis, and also keep information much more prominent and easy to search/find. This is a really good addition to MSFT Teams for Wikis, something quite incredible MSFT did not do themselves but thankfully someone did.”

👦  Jorge Azofeifa
Program Director, Hangar Worldwide

“The Perfect Wiki is much better than the Microsoft Wiki. We like to use it. The support is also excellent. Response times and bug fixes are extremely fast. Integration is also easy.”

👦  Phillip Gabold
Cloud Migration & Implementation Specialist, Accenture DACH

“The built-in wiki in Teams is sorely lacking some basic wiki features like permissions, search, and copy/paste. PerfectWiki nailed all those pain points. Works as intended and is very easy to use.“

👦  Christian Ocampo
IT Director, National Health Foundation

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